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txpof tx-flxxxx contemporary txpof good quality plastic fiber optic

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txpof tx-flxxxx contemporary txpof good quality plastic fiber optic txpof tx-flxxxx contemporary txpof good quality plastic fiber optic


Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Jiangsu
  • Brand Name: TXPOF
  • Model Number: TX-FLXXXX
  • Material: plastic optical fiber
  • Color: RGB or single color
  • Type: Contemporary
  • Light Source: Energy Saving
  • Fiber Core Material: PMMA
  • Fiber Clading Material: Fluor...
  • Core refractive index: 1.492
  • Numerical Aperture: 0.5/0.3
  • Testing Report: ROHS, REACH,SGS
  • Application: Communication,in...
  • Number of fiber: 1--150
  • Outer jacket Material: PE/PVC
  • Minimum Bend Radius: 5xcore D...
  • Transmission Loss: ≤180

Detailed Product Description:
1.Cold light source, non-ultraviolet
2.Low power, energy saving
3.Separation of light and electricity
4.Recycle, long span

Detailed Product Description


Application of plastic optical fiber


1, Application in decoration,

Plastic optical fiber enjoys various colors, flexible transmission, it is widely used in fiber lamps and lanterns, plastic decoration projects which takes the colorful and translunary vision effects.

2, Application in illumination

Plastic optical fiber is applied in illumination which has the advantages of high brightness effects, low attenuation, low heating. Long span, anti-UV performance, safety and reliability, separating electricity from lights. It is widely used in the protection of historic relics, jewelry and dangerous area lighting, such as miner road.

3, Application in screen fiber display

Plastic optical fiber has the advantages of low lights attenuation, high brightness, full chromaticity, vivid vision, especially that low consumption, easy recycle, long span, and suitable for various indoor and outdoor surrounding.



Feature of POF for illumination


1, cold light source, non-ultraviolet, without the acceleration of valuable,

2, separation of light and electricity, safe and reliable application in flammable and explosive occasion,

3, low power, energy saving and environmental friendly,

4, flexible transmission, apply in plastic optical fiber lights and projects of plastic optical fiber decoration, can produce colorful and dream-like effect,

5, cold light source, long life, non-ultraviolet ray, separation of light and electricity,

6, optical fiber display with lower attenuation and high brightness, full color render, clear vision, lower power, easy recycle and long life etc


Bare plastic optical fiber



Outer Dia.
POF for illuminationTX-FL0250-1POFφ0.25mm0.250.5≤35012000




Multi-strand plastic optical cable


ItemProduct CodeOuter Dia.
Muti Core CableTX-FL0750-33.0±0.2Transparant PVC≤2500.5-50~+70900
TX-FL1000-33.8±0.2Transparant PVC≤2500.5-50~+70500
TX-FL0750-73.8±0.2Black PVC≤2500.5-50~+70100
TX-FL0750-124.8±0.2Black PVC≤2500.5-50~+70100
TX-FL0750-145.2±0.2Black PVC≤2500.5-50~+70100
TX-FL0750-185.5±0.2Black PVC≤2500.5-50~+70100
TX-FL0750-206.0±0.2Black PVC≤2500.5-50~+70100
TX-FL0750-256.5±0.2Black PVC≤2500.5-50~+70100
TX-FL0750-306.8±0.2Black PVC≤2500.5-50~+70100
TX-FL0750-428.5±0.5Black PVC≤2500.5-50~+70100
TX-FL0750-509.0±0.5Black PVC≤2500.5-50~+70100
TX-FL0750-7510.0±0.5Black PVC≤2500.5-50~+70100
TX-FL0750-10012.0±1.0Black PVC≤2500.5-50~+70100
TX-FL0750-12614.0±1.0Black PVC≤2500.5-50~+70100
TX-FL0750-15015.0±1.0Black PVC≤2500.5-50~+70100

  Usage: Suitable for decorative lighting, ancient buildings, artifacts and jewerly lingting.



txpof tx-flxxxx contemporary txpof good quality plastic fiber optic




txpof tx-flxxxx contemporary txpof good quality plastic fiber optic

 txpof tx-flxxxx contemporary txpof good quality plastic fiber optic

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txpof tx-flxxxx contemporary txpof good quality plastic fiber optic

Supplier Details

  • Jiangsu TX Plastic Optical Fibers Co., Ltd.
  • [ Jiangsu, China (Mainland) ]
  • Business Type:
  • Manufacturer, Trading Company
  • Year Established: 2012
  • Number of Employees:
  • 11 - 50 People
  • Telephone/FAX:
  • 86-514-851658,86-514-851658

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